Author akuchling
Date 2005-06-15.19:20:27
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In the cursesmodule patch, the first argument to intrflush
is changed from NULL to stdscr.  Why?  According to the
ncurses man page, the window argument is ignored.

use_env() is apparently a no-op for PDcurses; why not just
remove the Python-visible use_env function completely? 

In the setting of _C_API_VERSION, what does the string
"PDCurses M" mean?  (In particular, what does the 'M' stand

Except for the above questions, the patches to and _cursesmodule.c look OK.  I have no
access to a Windows machine and no way to test them or the
new .mak file, so I'm reassigning this bug to Jason Tishler,
who does a lot of Cygwin work.  Jason, please feel free to
ask me any questions you might have about curses, the
_cursesmodule.c file, or whatever.

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