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Author mark_t_russell
Date 2004-07-31.21:49:13
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I've updated the patch again.  See my previous
comment here for the procedure to apply the patch.

Main changes:

     - Added decorator support to Lib/compiler. now passes when compiled
       with Lib/compiler.  The regression tests
       also pass when built with
       Tools/compiler/, apart from which I assume is due to
       trivial differences in the bytecode output.
     - Added a description of decorators to the
       reference manual.  Changed the docs for
       staticmethod and classmethod in the library
       manual to use decorator syntax (with a pointer
       to the decorator description in the
       reference manual).

     - Added more tests to,
       including some possibly useful example
       decorators (e.g. memoize)

Other changes (not directly related to decorators):
     - I regenerated Lib/compiler/ using
       Tools/compiler/  I'm not sure
       whether is still in use -- I had
       to tweak it a bit to make the output match  I changed to emit the
       classes in alphabetical rather than dict
       scan order to make it easier to diff the
       output against

     - had a broken definition of
       assertEquals - it always returned True if
       called with two arguments.  I renamed this
       to assertEqualsOrIgnored and fixed the bug.
       The working test revealed a test failure in

     - Changed pyclbr to use the full (dotted)
       module name for pyclbr.Class.module attribute

     - currently fails because its
       is_method() method fails to spot staticmethod-
       and classmethod- wrapped methods.  See the
       comment on the new test test_decorators().
       I'll have another look at this next week.
       Note that this is a problem with the test,
       not the module.  For now
       test_decorator could just be deleted.
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