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Author belyi
Date 2004-03-19.04:27:51
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I thought I need to add a little bit more verbose
explanation for
the changes...

Current implementation of GzipFile() uses tell() and seek()
to scroll stream of data in the following 2 cases:
1. When EOF is reached and the last 8 bytes of the file
contain checksum and uncompress data size
2. When after decompression there's left some 'unused_data'
meaning that a stream may contains more than one compressed

What my change does it introduces 2 helper buffers:
'inputbuf' which keeps read but unused data from the stream and
'last8' which keeps last 8 'used' bytes

Plus, my change introduces helper method _read_internal()
which is used instead of the direct call to In this method data from the stream are
read as needed with the call to and
correct values of 'inputbuf' and ''last8' are maintained.

When case 1 above happen we use 'last8' buffer to read
checksum and size.
When case 2 above happen we add value of the 'unused_data'
to inputbuf.

There's one more instance of the call
left in rewind() method but it is used only when rewind() or
seek() methods of GzipFile class are used. And it won't be
logical to expect those methods to work if the underlying
fileobj does not support them.

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