Author adamg-work
Date 2004-02-03.16:28:24
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Currently, socket.ssl uses the SSLv23 method of 
negotiating an ssl socket. This method connects with 
SSLv2 HELO packets and will negotiate up to a higher 
level if possible. However, if SSLv2 is turned off 
completly at the other side of the socket, this 
negotiation will fail.

I have extended socket.ssl() to include another 
optional parameter -- the SSLmethod which can be any 
of the openssl methods (SSLv2, SSLv23, SSLv3, TLSv1). 
Existing functionality is maintained by providing 
SSLv23 as the default.

Affected files:
Lib/ - extension of the function
Modules/_ssl.c - guts of the changes
        socketmodule.h - theres a reference on how to 
make ssl sockets, so I added the change there

Has been tested on solaris my making an ssl 
connection to a server, as well has 
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