Author doerwalter
Date 2003-06-17.21:36:43
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Here's the next one:

There one test that's currently commented out, because it
crashes Python on Alpha (see

The old test scripts states that tests for the constructor
are in test_builtin, but I've added many tests to this
script, so this is no longer true. We could move the tests
to test_builtin, but IMHO that doesn't make sense, we'd
better move the rest of the constructor tests from
test_builtin to test_complex.

I'd like to have a version of assertAlmostEqual() in that can cope with complex numbers, but this
would have to be coordinated with the standalone version of
PyUnit (and it would probably have to wait until the 2.4
cycle starts) (I noticed that there is no assertAlmostEqual
in the code on anyway.)
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