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Author jackjansen
Date 2003-03-04.15:44:40
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I just did a test (created 254 files with all bytes except / and null in their names on a linux server, mounted the partition over NFS on MacOSX) and indeed MacOSX tries to interpret the bytes as UTF-8 and fails.

I know that conversion works for HFS and HFS+ volumes (which carry a filename encoding with them, or you have to specify it when mounting). I assume it works for AFP and SMB (which also carries encoding info, IIRC) but I can't test this. I haven't a clue about webdav and such.

Something to keep in mind is that we are really trying to solve someone else's problem: the inability of NFS and most unixen to handle file system encodings. If I'm on a latin-1 machine and I nfs-mount your latin-2 partition I will see garbage filenames.
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