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Author jvr
Date 2003-02-10.18:17:12
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I'm pretty sure os.path deals just fine with unicode strings (it's all pure string manipulations, isn't it?)

Worries: well, apparently on Windows os.listdir() has been returning unicode for some time, so it's not like we're breaking completely new grounds here.

If anything breaks it's probably good this happens, as it gives an opportunity to fix things... I just found several example of potential breakage: _bsddb.c parses a filename arg with the "z" format specifier. gdbmmodule.c uses "s". bsddbmodule.c and dbmmodule.c as well.

I'm not sure the above modules work on Windows with non-ascii filenames at all, but it doesn't look like it. Besides Windows (for which my patch is not relevant), only OSX sets Py_FileSystemDefaultEncoding, so any new breakage won't reach a mass market right away <wink>.
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