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Date 2022-04-06.13:18:28
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IMO the initial goal is now reached. I close the issue. Thanks to everyone who helped implementing these changes!

The PyFrameObject structure is now opaque in Python 3.11. New getter functions of the Python 3.11 C API:

* PyFrame_GetBuiltins()
* PyFrame_GetGenerator()
* PyFrame_GetGlobals()
* PyFrame_GetLocals()

Finally, the PyFrameObject structure now has its own page in the C API documentation:

As explained in previous comments, the work is not done: Cython, greenlet, gevent and coverage still need more getter and/or setter functions. Adding more functions is being discussed in this external issue:

I propose to open new specific issues to add new functions. For example, open an issue to add a getter for the f_lasti member.
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