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Date 2022-03-27.10:16:04
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Whenever I use decimal and need to change the context temporarily, without fail I try to write

with decimal.localcontext(prec=10):

or similar. Then I get surprised that it fails, and re-write it as

with decimal.localcontext() as ctx:
    ctx.prec = 10

Let's make the first version work. localcontext should accept keyword arguments corresponding to the same arguments accepted by Context, and set them on the context given.

A proof-of-concept wrapper function:

def localcontext(ctx=None, **kwargs):
    if ctx is None:
        ctx = decimal.getcontext().copy()
    for key, value in kwargs.items():
        setattr(ctx, key, value)
    return decimal.localcontext(ctx)

I think this would be a valuable, and useful, improvement to the decimal API.
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