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Date 2022-03-27.00:35:24
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I proposed a discussion to python-dev to increase the odds that folks with an interest could chime in.  Not everyone follows the new-bugs list.

I find having the output on two lines counter-intuitive -- I was expecting one line per test, and indeed my experience seemed to support that (out of hundreds of tests showing on one line, it's easy to miss that the rare verbose error is on two).  And I'm not the only one, since another developer also thought there was a problem and spent most of issue46126 "fixing" it.

Another reason for posting to python-dev is that issue 46126 had been active for three months and had a PR merged before another dev mentioned that verbose tests with docstrings just printed on two lines instead of one.

Thank you for pointing out the possible disruption caused by unittest output changes.
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