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3.10 branch is fixed if I revert e6bb17fe29713368e1fd93d9ac9611017c4f570c bpo-46070: _PyGC_Fini() untracks objects (GH-30577). Be it if I revert it atop current head 9006b4471cc4d74d0cbf782d841a330b0f46a3d0 or if I test the commit before e6bb17fe29713368e1fd93d9ac9611017c4f570c was merged.

As this made no sense with regards to this bug report history that this fix broke the branch, I tried v3.10.1 which lacks this fix. Vanilla is broken too. Also applying the "_PyGC_Fini untracks objects" upon 3.10.1 does not fix the test case crash.

I am puzzled. Will try to bisect the commit that fixed the testcase in the 3.10 branch before "_PyGC_Fini untracks objects" was merged and after 3.10.1.
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