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> * sys.getfilesystemencoding(): Python filesystem encoding, return "UTF-8" if the Python UTF-8 Mode is enabled


> * locale.getencoding(): Get the locale encoding, LC_CTYPE locale encoding or the Windows ANSI code page, *read at Python startup*. Ignore the Python UTF-8 Mode.

I proposed `locale.get_encoding()` in the PEP 686. I will remove underscore if you don't like it.

> * locale.getencoding(current=True): Get the *current* locale encoding. The difference with locale.getencoding() is that on Unix, it gets the LC_CTYPE locale encoding at each call.

Hmm, I don't add it to the PEP 686 because it is not relating to UTF-8 mode nor EncodingWarning.

Since `locale.getencoding()` returns locale encoding on startup, how about this idea?

* sys.getlocaleencoding() -- Get the locale encoding read at Python startup.
* locale.getencoding() -- Get the current locale encoding.

Note that we have `sys.getdefaultencoding()` and `sys.getfilesystemencoding()`. `sys.getlocaleencoding()` looks consistent with them.
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