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Date 2022-03-20.14:58:17
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Reproducer attached. Change `USE_PROACTOR` to `False` to use the `SelectorEventLoop` instead, which doesn't exhibit this behavior.

The output on my machine when using the proactor loop is:
datagram received b'ping 1'
datagram received b'ping 2'

And the selector loop (which is the behavior I would expect):
datagram received b'ping 1'
datagram received b'ping 2'
datagram received b'ping 3'

At a high level, after sending data to an address that isn't listening the asyncio protocol will no longer receive messages.

Digging deeper, `_ProactorDatagramTransport._loop_reading` encounters the windows error 1234 (ERROR_PORT_UNREACHABLE) after the "bad send". It appears this a (undocumented/buggy?) behavior of `WSARecvFrom` where the next call to it after an unreachable `WSASendTo` in UDP mode will return the ICMP unreachable message. The actual error is returned from `GetOverlappedResult`.

I've hacked together a fix that retries `IocpProactor.recvfrom` if the result is ERROR_PORT_UNREACHABLE. It fixes the issue for the reproducer and my actual use case, but it's probably not ideal. My solution for the moment is just to use the SelectorEventLoop instead.
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