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Date 2022-02-25.00:07:57
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It has been decided to require IEEE 754 to build Python 3.11:

At Python startup, _PyFloat_InitState() checks the IEEE 754 format at runtime. It can be changed using float.__get_format__() and  float.__set_format__() methods.

These methods docstrings say that they only exist to test Python itself:

"You probably don't want to use this function. It exists mainly to be used in Python's test suite."

These methods are private and not documented.

I propose to remove them.

Once they will be removed, it will become possible to move the detection of the IEEE 754 format in the build step (./configure script) rather than doing the detection at runtime (slower). It would remove an "if" in _PyFloat_Pack4() and _PyFloat_Pack8(), and allow to specialize these functions for the detected format at build time. These functions are used by serialization formats: marshal, pickle and struct.
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