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Date 2022-02-22.05:59:39
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It seems that we are back on track with perf being back to neutral!

I've created 4 new PRs. Each with an optimization applied on top of the baseline introduction of instance immortalization.

The main PR 19474 currently stands at around 4%, after rebasing past Eric's PR 30928 it went down to 3%.

This is the list of optimizations that I used to get some performance back:
* Immortalizing Interned Strings (PR 31488): 1% regression
* Immortalizing Runtime Heap After Startup (PR 31489): 0% regression
* Immortalizing Modules After Import (PR 31490): 1% regression
* Combined Optimizations (PR 31491): 0% improvement

All the PRs contain the results of the pyperformance benchmarks and they should each stand on their own in case we want to go for a subset of these optimizations rather than all of them. Make sure to look at each PR to read the implementation details.

For testing, in every PR I made sure all the tests were passing on my local environment. Though I do expect some failures happening in non-linux environments. I'll be fixing these over the next couple of days.
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