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Date 2022-02-17.09:37:54
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many thanks for your time, solving this issue.
I think your solution is the best to fix this little problem and I agree
with you on backporting.

My Best Regards,
and thanks again.


On Thu, Feb 17, 2022 at 10:29 AM Andrew Svetlov <>

> Andrew Svetlov <> added the comment:
> I have a pull request for the issue.
> It doesn't use `Future.set_exception()` but creates a new CancelledError()
> with propagated message.
> The result is the same, except raised exceptions are not comparable by
> `is` check.
> As a benefit, `_cancelled_exc` works with the patch, exc.__context__ is
> correctly set.
> The patch is not backported because it changes existing behavior a little.
> I'd like to avoid a situation when third-party code works with Python
> 3.11+, 3.10.3+, and 3.9.11+ only.
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