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Author eryksun
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Date 2022-02-09.06:28:53
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The venv launcher can quote the executable path either always or only when it contains spaces. The following is a suggestion for implementing the latter.

Before allocating `executable`, use memchr() (include <memory.h>) to search the UTF-8 source for a space. If found, increment the character count by two. After allocating `executable`, add the initial quote character, and increment the pointer.

        BOOL add_quotes = FALSE;
        if (memchr(start, ' ', (size_t)len) != NULL) {
            add_quotes = TRUE;
            cch += 2;

        executable = (wchar_t *)malloc(cch * sizeof(wchar_t));
        if (executable == NULL) {
            error(RC_NO_MEMORY, L"A memory allocation failed");
        if (add_quotes) {
            *executable++ = L'\"';

Later, after checking the existence via GetFileAttributesW(), add the trailing quote and null, and decrement the pointer:

        if (GetFileAttributesW(executable) == INVALID_FILE_ATTRIBUTES) {
            error(RC_NO_PYTHON, L"No Python at '%ls'", executable);

        if (add_quotes) {
            size_t n = wcslen(executable);
            executable[n] = L'\"';
            executable[n + 1] = L'\0';
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