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Author vstinner
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Date 2022-02-04.20:24:09
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While debugging a GCC regression (*) on "HUGE_VAL * 0" used by Py_NAN macro, I noticed that Python can now C99 "NAN" constant.


In bpo-45440, I already removed legacy code for pre-C99 support and old platforms:

"Building Python now requires a C99 <math.h> header file providing the following functions: copysign(), hypot(), isfinite(), isinf(), isnan(), round()."

Attached patch modifies Py_NAN to simply reuse NAN.

mathmodule.c and cmathmodule.c m_nan() still use _Py_dg_stdnan() by default (if PY_NO_SHORT_FLOAT_REPR is not defined).
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