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Author pieronne
Date 2002-09-25.20:03:10
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Comment seem to be missing.

VMSerror is used by many specifics module which I have not currently provide.
I have correct the typo  VMSerror --> VMSError

formatting problem:
Well, this is the formatting used by Uwe Zessin (and mostly generate by the editor LSE) who has done the initial 
I have not check/update his code because I did'nt know it is required, I have just found the "Style Guide for C 
I have now update the code, only the VMS part ;-)

Compute of the link time:
Really necessary, sure it is not. But, IMHO, it is more useful to have the link time than the compile time of one 
source file.
What is the problem?

psxmod_gat_psxpath, psxmod_to_vms_action:
You are right.
During the cleaning process of the code of Uwe  (I have remove some part), I have missed this optimisation and to 
remove the, then,  unused routine psxmod_to_vms.
Done, thanks.

I have attach a new version: vms01.diff

Tell me if you find other problem into this version.

Thanks for your help.
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