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Date 2022-02-01.13:06:00
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Measure using this script on the main branch (commit 108e66b6d23efd0fc2966163ead9434b328c5f17):
import _testcapi
def f(): yield _testcapi.stack_pointer()
print(_testcapi.stack_pointer() - next(f()))

Stack usage depending on the compiler and compiler optimization level:

* clang -O0: 9,104 bytes
* clang -Og: 736 bytes
* gcc -O0: 6,784 bytes
* gcc -Og: 624 bytes

-O0 allocates around 10x more memory.

Moreover, "./configure --with-pydebug CC=clang" uses -O0 in CFLAGS, because "clang --help" output doesn't containt "-Og". I'm working on a configure change to use -Og on clang which supports it.
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