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There is an on-going work to move more and more header files into Include/cpython/ subdirectory, or even to the Include/internal/ directory. Examples:

* bpo-35134: Move cellobject.h, classobject.h, context.h, funcobject.h, genobject.h and longintrepr.h to Include/cpython/
* bpo-45434: Move pystrhex.h to Include/internal/

C extensions must only use #include "Python.h":

Sadly, many project include directly "inner" header files like "longobject.h" and so this ong-going work break a few projects at each Python 3.x release.

In the meanwhile, you can reorder your include paths to put your project first, or rename object.h to different filename.


Yeah, if it wouldn't break any C extension, I would prefer to "hide" all "inner" files under a sub-directory, or by renaming them. But right now, it's possible.
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