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Date 2022-01-31.00:00:22
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> Is there anything more to do here?

A belated response: probably not, so I'm OK with closing this.

A quick check shows that macOS behavior has changed a bit on more recent releases. On current macOS Big Sur (11.6.3) and Monterey (12.2) releases, Bo's test:

$ python3 -c 'import os; open(os.path.relpath("/tmp/test.txt"), "w")'

now works and Ronald's touch example now fails with a somewhat more meaningful message:

$ touch ../../foo.txt
touch: ../../foo.txt: Read-only file system

In general, though, even on pre-APFS older macOS systems, it is still best to avoid or at least be very careful about using /tmp with any sort of relative path testing because of the linking of /tmp to /private/tmp. :(
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