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Date 2022-01-29.08:37:14
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Thanks for the better wording, Terry!

> Leaving loop variables available is an intended feature of python.

Just to be clear: it sure is! But, sometimes we don't want to polute a global namespace with this variable. A common practice across CPython's source is to use `del` or comprehensions. That's exactly what my PR does: it finds places where people forgot to do that and adds a cleanup.

>  As it is, the PR applies a style standard on the stdlib that is not in PEP 8.  I recommend that you start by proposing an addition to PEP-8.

Interesting idea! But, I think that this is an orthogonal non-blocking task, which might be much harder compared to this one :) 

I will add this to my backlog.

> You might post the idea on pydev and ask how much and what sort of discussion is needed.

Good starting point, agreed!
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