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Date 2022-01-28.01:47:28
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Quick update on this closed issue.

I landed on this issue from Erlend's SC request:

> Oh! I assumed this bug wasn't resolved, but it is -- in bpo-34784. Sorry, I should have checked!

Yes, there is the PyStructSequence_NewType() function which exists since 2010 (PEP 384 implementation: commit 4d0d471a8031de90a2b1ce99c4ac4780e60b3bc9).

I recently added _PyStructSequence_NewType() to the internal C API to pass flags like Py_TPFLAGS_DISALLOW_INSTANTIATION. I modified signal, _curses, time and _thread modules to use it.

On the other side, I added _PyStructSequence_FiniType() to clear a static structseq (bpo-46417).
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