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Author sobolevn
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Date 2022-01-25.15:42:34
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Here's what happened. We had an error in ``, which was silently ignored.

ERROR: setUpClass (test.test_typing.NewTypeTests)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "D:\a\cpython\cpython\lib\test\", line 3917, in setUpClass
    UserId = NewType('UserId', int)
NameError: name 'NewType' is not defined

Ran 396 tests in 0.085s

FAILED (errors=1, skipped=1)
test test_typing failed


But, later the suite runner tried to rerun it:

0:09:12 load avg: 6.37 Re-running failed tests in verbose mode
0:09:12 load avg: 6.37 Re-running test_typing in verbose mode (matching: setUpClass)

1 re-run test:

1 test run no tests:

And since nothing matched `setUpClass` - no tests were executed and the CI went green instead of red.

What can we do?
1. Only schedule real `test_` item to be rerun, fail for everything else
2. Convert `setupClass` failure into the whole class rerun
3. Other options?

I would like to work on this, when we will decide which way is best.
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