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Date 2022-01-24.03:07:41
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Main became 3.11 as of 3.10.0 beta 1: 2021-05-03.
However, backported IDLE issues continued going under What's New 3.10
on both main and 3.10 until 3.10.0rc1, 2021-08-03.
Subsequent idlelib/NEWS.txt items go under
What's New 3.11.0 on main branch
What's New 3.10.1 on 3.10 branch

In other words, idlelib News is handled as if main were branched off as of .0rc1.  This is different from the changelog attached to What's New in 3.x.

Release peps -- needed for proposed and actual release dates.
3.9 PEP 596
3.10 PEP 619
3.11 PEP 664
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