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My work on bpo-46417 reduces the number of leak references from around 10k to ... minus 4 references :-) Clearing static types and a few "static" objects helped a lot!

> New changeset a1444f43584af0f7a0af72aa06ba0a86ae5a87a2 by Victor Stinner in branch 'main':
> bpo-46417: Fix _PyStaticType_Dealloc() (GH-30810)

At commit a1444f43584af0f7a0af72aa06ba0a86ae5a87a2, I get:

    $ ./python -I -X showrefcount -c pass
    [-4 refs, 61 blocks]

I have to investigate why it's negative. It may be caused by bpo-46449 issue.

See also:
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