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In bpo-46417, I pushed a change to call _PyDebug_PrintTotalRefs() after destroying the interpreter. I backported locally this change to other Python versions to compare the progress on old Python versions:

./python -I -X showrefcount -c pass command:

* Python 3.7: [22636 refs, 7453 blocks]
* Python 3.8: [18082 refs, 5867 blocks]
* Python 3.9: [17786 refs, 5766 blocks]
* Python 3.10: [10725 refs, 3978 blocks]
* current main branch: [2957 refs, 1240 blocks]

Yeah, main is way better than Python 3.10! I pushed many changes in 
bpo-46417 to clear most static types, it helps a lot!
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