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Author sobolevn
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Date 2022-01-18.18:41:39
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While working on a similar issue for `` ( I wondered: how many other modules also have this problem?

So, after several hours of local testing, I got several problems:
- Lib/test/
  Uses relative `.` import that cannot be resolved

- Lib/test/
  Is missing `import unittest` to run `unittest.main()`

- Lib/test/
  Calls undefined `test_main()` instead of  `unittest.main()`

- Lib/test/test_tools/
  Uses relative `.` import that cannot be resolved

- Lib/test/
  Imports undefined `from import TESTFN`

- Lib/unittest/test/
  Uses relative `.` import that cannot be resolved

Probably there are other problems, because I haven't checked:
- Windows tests, because I don't have a Win machine
- `test_importlib`, because it has a lot of failure (I don't know how to fix them yet)
- Multiple other modules with slow tests
- Modules with doctests which assert full `__qualname__` with module names

To keep PRs reviews sane, I will include changes for several modules and split this big task of checking all test modules into several consecutive and rather simple pull requests. 

The first one with the problems described above is on its way!
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