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Up until now, trying to distinguish between actual sequences and mappings in C-API was a pain. Same methods are implemented in customer user classes, and the ABCs could have either been registered dynamically or had an appropriate __subclasshook__. On top of that, making the same checks as isinstance regarding the whole ABC and __mro__ chain would considerably slow down the code.

The new tp_flags are set in both registered abc classes, and subclasses of the appropriate types. As tp_flags exists, we don't even need to account for tp_as_mapping and tp_as_sequence. According to the docs "if such a flag bit is clear, the type fields it guards must not be accessed and must be considered to have a zero or NULL value instead.". User made classes that don't inherit from the Sequence and Mapping ABCs are not considered either, and there is no __subclasshook__ for these ABCs so inheritance is fully enforced.

As we cover builtins, c-extension classes and user-made Python classes, checking tp_flags is guaranteed to be accurate for distinguishing between mapping and sequence types, and would be as fast as a pointer dereference can be.

Modifying the current PySequence_Check and PyMapping_Check might be a breaking change, especially on a C-API level. However one can argue that checking for a mapping and expecting a failure on user-made mappings counts as a bug. Having them accurately return the correct type in a fast manner using tp_flags is therefore an acceptable breaking change.
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