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Date 2022-01-11.23:47:28
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Ah, good idea. I've published the new C implementation as:

You can install it with: pip install -i blake3-experimental-c

Despite the package name change, the extension module is still "blake3", so we still "import blake3" to get at it. For example:

    $ pip install -i blake3-experimental-c
    $ python
    >>> from blake3 import blake3
    >>> blake3(b"foo").hexdigest()
    >>> blake3(b"foo", max_threads=blake3.AUTO).hexdigest()

To run the Rust implementation's test suite against this implementation, you could then:

    $ pip install pytest numpy
    $ git clone
    $ python -m pytest blake3-py/tests/
    ===================== test session starts =====================
    platform linux -- Python 3.10.1, pytest-6.2.5, py-1.11.0, pluggy-0.13.1
    rootdir: /tmp
    collected 24 items

    blake3-py/tests/ ........................ [100%]

    ===================== 24 passed in 0.30s ======================
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