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The _sre crash has a complex history in the 3.9 branch:

* (1) 2019-11-20, commit 7247407c35330f3f6292f1d40606b7ba6afd5700: first CRASH! The parent commit (488d02a24142948bfb1fafd19fa48e61fcbbabc5) doesn't crash.
* (2) 2019-11-22, commit 82c83bd907409c287a5bd0d0f4598f2c0538f34d: no crash (fix/workaround the crash)
* (3) 2021-10-05, commit 52d9d3b75441ae6038fadead89eac5eecdd34501: crash again! (somehow revert the previous fix/workaround the crash, but fix another bug)

It seems like the initial regression comes from this change:

commit 7247407c35330f3f6292f1d40606b7ba6afd5700
Author: Victor Stinner <>
Date:   Wed Nov 20 12:25:50 2019 +0100

    bpo-36854: Move _PyRuntimeState.gc to PyInterpreterState (GH-17287)
    * Rename _PyGC_InitializeRuntime() to _PyGC_InitState()
    * finalize_interp_clear() now also calls _PyGC_Fini() in
      subinterpreters (clear the GC state).
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