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Date 2022-01-07.16:07:36
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> The problematic change could be (d0d29655ff) affecting import.c

This change is part of the 3.10 branch. For 3.9, git bisect tells me that it's the following change:

commit 52d9d3b75441ae6038fadead89eac5eecdd34501
Author: Łukasz Langa <>
Date:   Tue Oct 5 22:30:25 2021 +0200

    [3.9] bpo-44050: Extension modules can share state when they don't support sub-interpreters. (GH-27794) (GH-28741)

    (cherry picked from commit b9bb74871b27d9226df2dd3fce9d42bda8b43c2b)

    Co-authored-by: Hai Shi <>

The problem is that this change fixed another bug, well, see: bpo-44050. While a revert should fix, it will reintroduce bpo-44050 bug.
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