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IMO writing a complete rationale for running multiple interpreters in parallel which require a whole PEP. I didn't write such PEP yet since there are still non-trivial technical issues, especially the problem of static types: bpo-40601.

I don't have time right now to measure the performance overhead of PR 30123 on _PyUnicode_EqualToASCIIId() and on changing a type attribute (like overriding the __init__() method). I expect a minor overhead on micro-benchmark and no significant change on pyperformance macrobenchmarks. But again, right I don't have time to go through such analysis.

The priority for now is to unblock the Python 3.11 release and repair the Python 3.10 regression, so I'm fine with reverting my commit ea251806b8dffff11b30d2182af1e589caf88acf which introduced the regression.

PR 30131 makes more changes than just reverting the commit, it changes the _PyRuntimeState structure and it also reverts the identifiers change, whereas so far, there is no known relationship between this issue and identifiers. IMO it's ok to leave identifiers unchanged.
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