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Date 2021-12-13.22:24:47
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> $ cat venv_a3/pyvenv.cfg
> home = /home/ss/.pyenv/versions/3.11.0a3/bin

> $ venv_a3/bin/python -c "import sys,os.path; print(e := sys._base_executable); print(os.path.exists(e))"
> /home/ss/.pyenv/versions/3.11.0a3/bin/python
> True

This is the intended behaviour, and yes it's changed from previous versions (but not on Windows, where it was always correct). The previous value was incorrect, hence it was marked as an internal field.

If your venv doesn't have a "python" binary in the directory set as "home" in pyvenv.cfg (which by definition, according to Lib/venv/, is dirname(sys.executable) ), then there's some other issue with venv on your platform.
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