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Date 2021-12-09.22:33:03
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Reopening: the current detection is a little bit weak; many SQLite API's may be disabled at SQLite compile time using SQLITE_OMIT_* defines. We must make sure we've got all vital functions in place before marking the sqlite3 module as present and usable.

The following API's can be omitted using compile time defines:

- sqlite3_column_decltype (SQLITE_OMIT_DECLTYPE)
- sqlite3_complete (SQLITE_OMIT_COMPLETE)
- sqlite3_enable_shared_cache (SQLITE_OMIT_SHARED_CACHE)
- sqlite3_progress_handler (SQLITE_OMIT_PROGRESS_CALLBACK)
- sqlite3_set_authorizer (SQLITE_OMIT_AUTHORIZATION)
- sqlite3_trace_v2 (SQLITE_OMIT_TRACE)

The following API's _may_ be disabled in the future using SQLITE_OMIT_FLOATING_POINT:

- sqlite3_bind_double
- sqlite3_column_double
- sqlite3_result_double
- sqlite3_value_double
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