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Author christian.heimes
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Date 2021-12-06.13:27:11
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I added --enable-framework=yes to macOS GHA builder.

GH-29939 has ./configure --enable-framework=yes without proposed bootstrap fix. The build is failing early:

./_bootstrap_python ./Tools/scripts/ Python/frozen_modules/importlib._bootstrap.h -m importlib._bootstrap -o Python/deepfreeze/importlib._bootstrap.c
make: *** [Python/deepfreeze/importlib._bootstrap.c] Bus error: 10

GH-29936 has ./configure --enable-framework=yes and introduces a Modules/getpath_bootstrap.o file. It is the same build as Modules/getpath.o except it does not use the framework feature. The target compiles getpath.c with an additional -DPY_BOOTSTRAP_PYTHON=1 option. The build fails later:

/bin/sh: line 1: 14772 Bus error: 10           DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH=/Users/runner/work/cpython/cpython ./python.exe -E -S -m sysconfig --generate-posix-vars
generate-posix-vars failed
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