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Author John Belmonte
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Date 2021-12-06.12:03:46
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proposal: add a string formatting option to normalize negative 0 values to 0

use case:  rounded display of a float that is nominally 0, where the distraction of a flashing minus sign from minute changes around 0 is unwanted

>>> '%~5.1f' % -.00001
'  0.0'

format spec before:
  format_spec     ::=  [[fill]align][sign][#][0][width][grouping_option][.precision][type]
  format_spec     ::=  [[fill]align][sign][~][#][0][width][grouping_option][.precision][type]
  where '~' is only allowed for number types

implementation: if '~' is present in the spec, add 0 to the value after applying precision
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