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Date 2021-12-06.10:55:37
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> Imagine a person write a code with Python 3.11 and SQLite, and then
> deploying it to Python 3.11 and SQLite, error may occur. However,
> this situation is difficult to happen.

Yes, I also think this is a far fetched case. I'll see if there's an easy way to handle this. If there isn't, I'm not sure the added complexity will be worth it.

> The statement in cache will be never reused.

That is not necessarily correct; if the "problematic cursor" executes a new statement, the statement in the cache will be reset, thus it can be reused. Also, if the "problematic cursor" is closed (or deleted), the statement can also be reused. But, if the "problematic cursor" just gets stale and is _never_ used again, it may be a performance issue if it is a hot statement. But, as soon as I can land my changes related to the in_use flag, this will not be an issue anyway.
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