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Date 2021-12-06.10:30:32
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> How realistic is this scenario? If you compile with, for example 3.14.0 or
> newer, you'd link with sqlite3_trace_v2, not sqlite3_trace, so the loader
> would prevent you from running with anything pre 3.14. AFAIK, we've never
> had such problems.

I mean, after this change, different versions of SQLite will behave differently. And give a message for SQLITE_ABORT_ROLLBACK to explain this problem.

> It is a change of behaviour of the internal machinery. Does the change lead
> to wrong results (duplicate rows, wrong rows returned, no rows returned)?
> Corrupted/garbage data? Non-deterministic behaviour? Does any of the API's
> provided by sqlite3 not behave according to the documentation anymore?

It just leaks resource, apart from this, there seems to be no problem.
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