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Author Henry Schreiner
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Date 2021-11-24.17:23:42
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We had a call and have a potential path forward. Quick summary:

* Add a patch on top of the current patch to make CPython look for `-gnu` on top of `-musl` for Alpine 3.15 and 3.14. Reverting the patch would break every Alpine wheel previously locally compiled (like NumPy) and would require rebuilding all shipped packages that depend on Python.
* Revert the patch for CPython 3.10 in Alpine 3.16, due mid next year.
* Take the existing patch (PR 24502) targeting upstream CPython 3.11 and change search to include `abi3-gnu` on musl after looking for `abi3-musl`. The ability to install both binaries into a single folder would be a new "feature" of CPython 3.11.
* Optionally this could be checked and normalized by auditwheel (like changing `-musl` to `-gnu` on 3.9) if desired. ABI3 wheels targeting <3.11 could be normalized to `-gnu`.

How does that sound?
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