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Date 2021-11-22.14:42:41
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_crypt is powered by pkgconf libcrypt or libxcrypt on Linux. On my system  and on Debian, libcrypt.pc is a symlink to libxcrypt.pc. Linux has crypt() and/or crypt_r() in <crypt.h>. On FreeBSD crypt_r() is in <unistd.h> and libc.

_uuid needs similar special handling. It's <uuid/uuid.h>, -luuid, and uuid.pc on Linux. On BSD it's <uuid.h> and symbols are in libc.

_readline uses either libreadline (readline.pc) or libeditline (libeditline.pc). It also needs special handling of tinfo and termcap on some platforms.

ndbm, gdbm, and libdb have no pkgconf providers. My PR GH-29534 has some code to detect them in configure.
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