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turtle's settiltangle was deprecated in Python 3.1:

"Deprecated since version 3.1." says of settiltangle:

And the reason:

"`Turtle.tiltangle()` has been enhanced in functionality: it now can be used to get or set the tiltangle. `Turtle.settiltangle()` has been deprecated."

However, in docstrings, tiltangle was accidentally marked as deprecated:

"Deprecated since Python 3.1"

Neither tiltangle nor settiltangle raise DeprecationWarnings.

So let's:

* Correct tiltangle's docstring to say it's not really deprecated
* Update settiltangle's docstring to say it is deprecated
* Add a DeprecationWarning to settiltangle
* Internally call self.tiltangle instead of self.settiltangle

BPO references:

2009 - settiltangle originally deprecated, with rationale.

2010 - the mixup was discovered and apparently corrected in py3k and release31-maint. I've not done the SCM archaeology to discover why this regressed.

2020 - both mentioned as deprecated, mixup not noted.
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