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> One concern I have is when users follow internet examples and look out for these modules or examples.

Well, we cannot modify printed books :-)

> What is the best way to show them the modern usage?

Buy new books? :-)

> Should Python docs show some example snippet of the most common usage of aiosmtpd ?

I don't think that we should start providing tutorial for 3rd party modules. There are enough places on the Internet for that.

For example, what is aiosmtpd deprecated a function and our doc uses it? Once a Python version reaches its "security-only" fixes, we cannot modify the doc anymore, and you fall into the same problem again.

> A stdlib page dedicated to removal, and showing examples using these modules, especially aiostmpd as it is not a part of stdlib, might be a good idea.

IMO it's way better to maintain such documentation outside Python itself. It's simpler to keep it up to date.
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