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Author nedbat
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Date 2021-11-11.02:07:51
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I went ahead and changed the code to this:

#if PY_VERSION_HEX >= 0x030B00A0
// 3.11 moved f_lasti into an internal structure. This is totally the wrong way
// to make this work, but it's all I've got until
// is resolved.
#include <internal/pycore_frame.h>
#define MyFrame_lasti(f)    ((f)->f_frame->f_lasti * 2)
#elif PY_VERSION_HEX >= 0x030A00A7
// The f_lasti field changed meaning in 3.10.0a7. It had been bytes, but
// now is instructions, so we need to adjust it to use it as a byte index.
#define MyFrame_lasti(f)    ((f)->f_lasti * 2)
#define MyFrame_lasti(f)    ((f)->f_lasti)

If we had an API that let me distinguish between call and resume and between return and yield, I could get rid of this.
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