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> Could this be bumped to a version update to like 3.10.1 or just replace the old package with this updated one?

I'm sorry that this caused problems for you. We rarely update the artifacts for a release but, in this case, 3.10.1 was not scheduled for release until the beginning of December (the normal 2-month release cycle) and there have been no problems identified so far with 3.10.0 that warrant expediting 3.10.1, something that would affect all platforms and downstream users and suppliers. On the other hand, this issue was a critical one but only for IDLE and tkinter users of the macOS installer who have upgraded to macOS 12 Monterey, a very much smaller group and there was no easy workaround for those users. Simply replacing the installer without changing the URL file name, a so-called stealth update, is, in general, a very bad practice; it leads to even more confusion and we also want to make sure that the obsoleted installer is no longer being downloaded. As far as I know, we have never made any guarantees about the format of the URL of our download files; and, in fact, the file name format for the default macOS installers *has* changed over the years as we have introduced new installer variants, stopped producing old ones, and changed the default variant, something that is planned to happen again in the upcoming 3.9.8 release. So the only reliable way to automatically find file names is from one of the web pages, like for the release or for the platform (i.e. It would be better to fully support a REST API to provide access to release file data. There is an open website issue about that:
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