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Heads up!  A strange Apple quirk has been identified which could affect the file dialog behavior if the Tk library is compiled on macOS 10.XX and used on macOS 11 or 12.  (I am not sure if this applies here.)

The fix for the broken file dialog was to use different calls to display the dialog, depending on the OS version.

The quirk is that code compiled on 10.XX and run on 11 or 12 will report the host OS version as 10.16 (which does not exist) no matter whether the actual version is 11 or 12.  The simplest workaround is to replace
the condition OSVersion < 110000 by the condition OSVersion < 101600.

Since tests like this occur in many places, a more robust workaround has been implemented in the Tk fossil repository and will appear in 8.6.12.
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