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Author lemburg
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Date 2021-10-26.19:12:54
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On 26.10.2021 20:47, Marc-Andre Lemburg wrote:
>> Brett removed a lot of stuff in 01cf4fb9c1aa567484c2ffb1b11f9b3fe9949b05 to make the file more readable. I removed unnecessary -D, -I, and -L to make the file even more readable. You can pass custom flags to ./configure.
> Could Brett or you please add those notes back ? There's no other place
> where such details are documented. We've lost important information and
> I would like to get this back into Setup and ideally add more
> information to make it easier for users or admins to customize
> their build.

I could also edit the file and add those back, after you're done
with the refactoring.
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