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Date 2021-10-26.15:15:44
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On 26.10.2021 16:17, Christian Heimes wrote:
> Christian Heimes <> added the comment:
> Brett, we can use AM_CONDITIONAL() to conditionally enable/disable a feature and AC_CONFIG_FILES() to create a Modules/Setup from a template:
> Example:
> The conditional
>     AM_CONDITIONAL([HAVE_SCPROXY], [test "$ac_sys_system" = "Darwin"])
> sets HAVE_SCPROXY_FALSE and HAVE_NIS_SCPROXY based on the check.

I think it would be more helpful (and generate a lot fewer such
macros), if we'd just test for platforms and then use those in the template.

Some other things:

I saw that you stripped off lots of -I and -L options from the Setup
lines. Are those now unconditionally taken from somewhere else,
without possibility to override them ?

You also removed the structure of the listings, which makes things
like dependencies between e.g. _multibytecodec and the CJK codecs
unclear, the notes about audio, the comments on building the _md5
and sha* modules, etc.

Since Setup is a (potentially) hand edited file, it's good to leave
as much useful information in that file as possible, to not
accidentally create setups which don't work and to have references
which may help in finding the right compile options.
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