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Date 2021-10-23.18:28:51
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On 23.10.2021 20:04, Christian Heimes wrote:
> PR GH-29179 or GH-29181 address the issue with _math.o

I think those patches are both taking things a bit too far.

This is a build problem, not a code problem. It's perfectly
good style to link a single file to multiple other object files
instead of copying the code into those object files.

The catch is that the makesetup logic is not smart enough to only
include the necessary Makefile line once.

The entry in should not be needed, since the logic
for building math and cmath modules already exists in

BTW: There's a simple trick to avoid the makesetup issue: simply
add the _math.c entry to some other module which is always linked
statically, e.g. _stat, and remove it from both math and cmath
entries in Setup, as well as the
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